Mini dolls

Miniature dolls have a body size that does not occur in adult cases. In mini dolls, the proportions of a normal human being are reduced in size, but they are greatly overshadowed. This is why many mini-dolls are ideal for cuddling as well as for sex toys.

In addition to life-size dolls and mini dolls, there are also miniatures. These are true-to-scale reductions without serious distortions of the body proportions; standard reduction scales are 1: 3, 1: 4 and 1: 6. These miniatures have different fields of application than their life-size brothers and sisters: they are neither suitable as puppet dolls nor as sex toys. Rather, they are used as a desk decoration, for the design of dioramas or as small photo models as well as companion for action figures with the same scale.

60-79 cm
80-99 cm
100-109 cm
110-119 cm
120-129 cm