Indigo Individual TPE Repair Kit


The TPE Repair Kit by Indigo Individual allows to fix injuries in TPE love dolls with material loss.

Each kit needs to fit to the material of the doll that is going to be repaired!

The TPE Repair Kit by Indigo Individual supports the following TPE blends and skin colors:

  • Jinsan TPE (YL Doll, OR Doll, WM Doll, WM Dolls):
    • Jinsan ›White‹ [2016]
    • Jinsan ›Cream‹ [2016]
    • Jinsan ›Natural‹ [2016]
    • Jinsan ›Light tan‹ [2016]
    • Jinsan ›Tan‹ [2016]
    • Jinsan ›Dark tan‹ [2016]
    • Jinsan ›Nava black‹ [2016]
  • Junying/Aiersha TPE (JY Doll):
    • JY ›White‹ [2017]
    • JY ›Natural‹ [2017]
    • JY ›Light tan‹ [2017]
    • JY ›Brown‹ [2017]
  • DH168 TPE (Doll House 168):
    • DH ›White‹ [2015]
    • DH ›Honey light‹ [2015]
    • DH ›Light dark‹ [2015]
  • DH168 ›EVO‹ TPE (Doll House 168):
    • EVO ›White‹ [2016] {out of stock}
    • EVO ›Honey light‹ [2016] {out of stock}
    • EVO ›Light dark‹ [2016] {out of stock}
  • D4E TPE (Doll Forever & Piper Doll):
    • D4E ›Pink white‹ [2016]
    • D4E ›Honey light‹ [2016]
    • D4E ›Tan‹ [2016]
    • D4E ›Pink white‹ [2017]
    • D4E ›Honey light‹ [2017]
    • D4E ›Tan‹ [2017]
    • SY ›white‹ [2017] {out of stock}
    • SY ›natural‹ [2017]
    • SY ›pink‹ [2017]
    • SY ›light tan‹ [2017]
    • SY ›tan‹ [2017]
    • SY ›bronze‹ [2017]
    • SY ›black‹ [2017]
    • Shangmei ›white‹ [2017]
    • Shangmei ›pink‹ [2017]
    • Shangmei ›yellow‹ [2017]
    • Shangmei ›light tan‹ [2017]
    • Shangmei ›dark tan‹ [2017] {out of stock}

Brand or vendor (according to order confirmation oder invoice)

Model/type (according to order confirmation oder invoice)

Skin color (according to order confirmation oder invoice)

Date of manufacturing or purchase (according to order confirmation oder invoice)

Erweiterungen hinzufügen (optional).

Choose extras (optional)

Narrow down quality level.

Processing fees, service fees and disagiostages for special payment methods.

Please note that the TPE Repair Kit "Classic" is currently being replaced with the TPE Repair Kit "Comfort".


All packages are shipped with a tracking code. Shipping takes less than a week within Germany.

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