Climax Doll CLM-148


The CLM-148 is a female TPE love doll by Climax Doll. She has a body height of about 148 cm and weights ca. 26 kg (according to the manufacturer's specifications).

Body measurements: 77 × 52 × 77 cm (B×W×H).

Lots of attributes may be customized; for example, you can select diffent skin tones, eye colors, and hair colors - just like you are used from other TPE love dolls.

Please choose your desired configuration from the following options.

  • If you are not sure which option to choose, we will gladly give advice: View contact form.
  • If you choose "doesn't matter", we will decide together with the manufacturer corresponding with availability.
  • If you have special requirements that are not available in the listed options, we will check with pleasure what is possible: View contact form.

Enter head no. or alias name.

Choose eye color.

Enter wig number or description (hair color/length/type/style).

Choose skin tone.

Choose attributes of the skeleton.

Choose attributes of vagina and vulva.

Choose properties of the anus.

Choose extras (optional)

Narrow down quality level.

Processing fees, service fees and disagiostages for special payment methods.


The following heads are compatible with the Climax Doll CLM-148 body style:

Climax Doll ›Ada‹ head (CLM no. 13) with CLM-158 body style in yellow skin tone
aka Ada
Mfr ID: CLM-13
– Available –
Climax Doll - Amanda head (CLM no. 29)
aka Amanda
Mfr ID: CLM-29
– Available –
Climax Doll - Bonnie head (CLM no. 19)
aka Bonnie
Mfr ID: CLM-19
– Available –
Climax Doll Head - Brenda
aka Brenda
– Available –
Climax Doll ›Carol‹ head (CLM no. 11) with CLM-148 body style in yellow skin ton
aka Carol
Mfr ID: CLM-11
– Available –
Climax Doll - Cloris head (CLM no. 20)
aka Cloris
Mfr ID: CLM-20
– Available –
Climax Doll - Ella head (CLM no. 10)
aka Ella
Mfr ID: CLM-10
– Available –
›Esther‹ head (CLM no. 21) by CLM Doll
aka Esther
Mfr ID: CLM-21
– Available –
Climax Doll ›Eve‹ head (CLM no. 26)
aka Eve
Mfr ID: CLM-26
– Available –
Climax Doll ›Fabiana‹ head (CLM no. 23) with CLM-158 body style
Mfr ID: CLM-23
– Available –
Climax Doll ›Gloria‹ head (CLM no. 24) with CLM-160 body style
aka Gloria
Mfr ID: CLM-24
– Available –
Climax Doll ›Hellen‹ head (CLM no. 15) with CLM-160 body style in yellow skin to
aka Hellen
Mfr ID: CLM-15
– Available –
Climax Doll - Joanna head (CLM no. 17)
aka Joanna
Mfr ID: CLM-17
– Available –
›Josie‹ head (CLM no. 22) by Climax Doll
aka Josie
– Available –
Climax Doll - Kelly head (CLM no. 18)
aka Kelly
Mfr ID: CLM-18
– Available –
Climax Doll - ›Melissa‹ head (CLM no. 31)
Mfr ID: CLM-31
– Available –
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